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signal jammer news

: ninggui | : 0 | : 2018/3/12 19:57
On Thursday, six armed criminals were arrested during a raid on a truck packed with computer equipment in the town of seine-saint-denis.

On Thursday morning, the research and intervention team (BRI) of the st. denis business park in senna arrested the muscles. Six heavily armed criminals were arrested and immediately detained by police.

When they were neutralised, the thieves were emptying the freight trucks with high-end computer equipment. The bis police, which has a judicial police cap, has been tracking it for several days. The police hid in the commercial area during the robbery.

signal jammer

Armed robberies, known as police officers, have a "frequency jammer" in their thirties from sensitive cities, allowing the perpetrator to stop the door from closing automatically... Search or steal them safely.

Two police cars were damaged during the arrest. The investigation was commissioned by the judicial police of senna saint-denis.