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Do marriage proposal need a proposal ring

: ihillside | : 0 | : 2019/5/13 13:06
Marriage proposal is a necessary step for the two to form a happy family together. Girls are more or less imagining that their lover is kneeling on one knee, holding flowers and rings to propose to them. If you can give her a perfect marriage proposal, of course, it must be perfect. A well-planned marriage proposal, a brilliant diamond ring, and a sincere heart, will leave the best memories in her memory. So, do you think the marriage proposal need to send a ring? The answer is yes.
Marriage diamond ring, make good memories
If two people have reached the level of marriage proposal, I believe that there is also a deep emotional foundation. Maybe you are not worried about the result of the proposal, because you already know her answer. So, what is it for planning this proposal? For the expectation of her heart, for your marriage can have a beautiful and romantic beginning. In other words, even if you already have a deep emotional foundation, she said that she doesn't care about these formalities, but she can't deny that a romantic marriage proposal can leave a good memory for both of you. In the future, when you are old, at least there is a romantic memory collection.
Memorial for love
Marriage proposal and wedding are a ritual in the process of love, and there is a good prayer for love, so it is very important to propose a marriage with an imposing diamond ring, like the custom-made diamond ring, which is deeply sought after by young lovers, real name customization, and only one person in a lifetime. The proposal diamond ring is the same as the wedding diamond ring. It is a commemoration of love. It is essential in a complete and happy relationship.
In the usual sense of marriage success, she is willing to accept your proposal, and you put the ring on her ring finger. And girls like romance, especially when they want their beloved to wear a diamond ring for a lifetime. So, is necessary use a ring for marriage proposal? Of course it is necessary, not only to leave a good memory between you, but also to give her a romantic proposal. If one day, the lover has already in gray hair, children and grandchildren around the knee, then take out the diamond ring to memorize and tell them about the distant love story, how romantic it is!